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Center for contemporary art The Genieloods dates from 1896 and was originally built as a military barrack belonging to the Fort bij Vijfhuizen. Both fort and barrack are part of the original defence line of Amsterdam and are inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Nowadays a museum for contemporary art, the Kunstfort, is located in the fort. The Genieloods will be transformed into an exhibition space as a new extension of the museum. The steel skeleton of the Genieloods is covered with one layer of thin steel plates. The inner climate is therefore unsuitable for expositions, extremely hot in summer and too cold in winter. In the proposal the interior of the barrack is covered with highly reflective sheets. Because of the reflective qualities, the summer heat is kept outside and the warmth produced by the floor heating in winter is kept inside. During in-between seasons (spring and autumn) the space blankets are mechanically winded up, exposing the original historical interior of the barrack back again. Found on jarrikouburg.com