CineGrid Amsterdam: the final cut

4K cinema at EYE Filminstituut

13 jun 2013

CineGrid Amsterdam throws a party at the EYE Filminstituut in Amsterdam! Discover the world of 4K: with super sharp images and sound.


CineGrid Amsterdam - CineGrid Amsterdam: 4K images Waag Society

After a three-year collaboration between eleven partners, the project CineGrid Amsterdam is almost over. We don’t want to let this moment pass unnoticed. Therefore, we will come together once more on June 13 in the EYE Filminstituut to look back at the highlights and enjoy 4K productions.

In the past years al lot has been achieved: as we have gained valuable knowledge about the possibilities that the 4K-technique has to offer, both for science and the cultural sector. We have created an infrastructure that enables people to work with 4K material, to store it and to stream it. A CineGrid Studio was founded and stunning 4K productions were developed.

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