1000 Photos Amsterdam - Grand Finale

DIY expo/sale/party for charity

16 jun 2013

We collect 15x20cm photos from professionals and amateurs, matching the theme "Inside/Outside". At the party/expo/sale we raise funds for Young in Prison.


1000 Photos Amsterdam - Support Young in Prison by visiting the grand finale event of 1000 Photos Amsterdam!

Revealing the the big print selection (from photos submitted before 6 June)

The grand finale collection of all collected photos are for sale for 10 EUR only! Remember, this is a donation to charity! Watch the page for the Daily Pic of awesome contributions.

Tantalizing music from a photographer who loves music.

✪ DIMITRI VALENTIJN // photography installation
Recent graduate from the Academy of Photography in Amsterdam and featured on the cover of the book New Dutch Photography Talent. "Memories are both clear and vague, they fade and transform over time, but they're always present." For Valentijn this is as much a personal transformation as it is a professional curiosity. As former red beret he was intrigued by the concept of memories. By projecting old pictures on all sorts of surfaces, including faces, he breathes life into memories of the past while placing them in the clarity of the present, veiling and mixing present and past creating revitalized stories of the characters. Bring an old photo with personal memories and get your Dimitri Valentijn picture (limited time: max 10 ppl!)

[more details will be announced via http://www.1000PhotosAmsterdam.nl]

Online 14 EUR (entrance + 1 FREE photo + donation to charity). All photos are for sale for 10 EUR. Profits are donated to Young In Prison.

☛ First Come, First Served!
☛ Once Claimed, Always Claimed
☛ Remember 10 EUR is a symbolic fee above all! Please thank the photographer any way you can (post online, mail a thanks, commission more work, spread their name)!