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Meike Hamelink - Found on her Mediamatic LAB profiel -

Meike Hamelink is founder of and co-founder of Javatas. 'My city Amsterdam-Oost, is far more attractive then most people know. is a hyper local consumer platform, and a marketing platform for local entrepreneurs. 'Think global, act local' and 'sharing is a new way of giving', that is what is about.

Javatas was an initiative by Maureen de Jong and Meike Hamelink. They asked six people in the Indische buurt, such as blogger Barbara, Ferdousi, Folkert, Jon, Najat and Sake to take you on a journey through their family history with the taste and products of their roots. That journey ends in the Javastraat, the only place in Amsterdam where they can buy the original ingredients. In this way, the Javatas connects personal stories and recipes from locals in the ‘Indische buurt’ in Amsterdam East with products of shopkeepers in the Javastraat.

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