Expo: Kimland

By artist and illustrator Astrid Florentinus

2 aug 2013

A new exhibition opens in the Subbacultcha! project space for artist and illustrator Astrid Florentinus (1987). The exhibition coincides with the release of Astrid’s new booklet, Kimland. It’s a short graphic story about how she sets out with her friend to find Kim, who turns out to be even greater than they could have ever imagined. Despite the sketchy appearance of Astrid's drawings, they are actually highly detailed and every streak and line is very deliberately applied.


Illustration by Astrid Florentinus from the booklet Kimland - Part of the exhibition Kimland, organized by Subbacultcha. Part of the exhibition Kimland. Illustration found on the website of Subbacultcha! Astrid Florentinus

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Time: from 17.30 till 21.00pm. There will be some nice food, holiday themed music by Vakantie, and free beer will be provided by Warsteiner. Wanna come? Send an e-mail to Subbacultcha. The exhibition runs from August 5 until August 30. Open every Monday to Friday from 11am to 5pm. There is no entrance fee.