Linking Parts

Transnatural exhibition

14 sep 2013
10 jan 2014

In the exhibition Linking Parts TRANSNATURAL collects linking 'devices' that lead to different forms of collaboration between man, nature and technique.


system_synthetics_Transnatural - System Synthetics by Maurizio Montalti

New, smart entities are shaped by the combination of modern and classical components. Linking Parts of micro organisms that degrade plastics into harmless material, machines that give suggestions during the design process or bee burrows made from city wood waste to support the survival of the bees. The opening night is also the pre-launch event of the Discovery Festival exhibition from 27 September – 5 October at TrouwAmsterdam/ De verdieping.
Participants: Maurizio Montalti (IT/NL) / Christian Fiebig (GER/NL) / Aad Kruiswijk (NL), BEE INC / Samira Boon (NL)
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