Thomas Vailly - Reframing the Process

Lecture & workshop

10 okt 2013
11 okt 2013

Designer Thomas Vailly focusses on the process in a talk and a workshop at The New Institute


The Machine - De Ruïne - The Machine, opgesteld in De Ruïne in Het Nieuwe Instituut. Op de voorgrond links Production Line 2 van Vailly

TALK / 10 Oct / The Process
Vailly’s talk will focus on production processes and their design, at various scales and in different contexts, including metabolism, one-person factories, and the city as a production machine.


WORKSHOP / 11-10-13 / Production Line for the New Factory
The workshop will get participants (designers, engineers, makers) analysing, questioning and changing production processes, including their own, and developing new ones.

More info on the workshop: