Facing Form

19 apr 2014
1 jun 2014

Form as connection in the work of Hans van de Ham, Victor Ekpuk, Obinna Makata and Uche Uzorka.


The Dreamer by Viktor Ekpuk - The Dreamer by Viktor Ekpuk

The sculptures of Van der Ham are in the first place form, they cover and hide, and they raise questions about the man behind the mask, hidden in form. Ekpuk draws new forms on the basis of old African symbols and develops a new unique, universal idiom. Makata makes collages of African fabric and ink. The forms are metaphors for humans, drawn in an elementary way. He calls his work “Broken pieces of African culture”. The drawings of Uzorka are an exercise of how lines become form, where the lines represent people “Human beings who connect, disconnect and reconnect.”.

Faces/shapes depicted in form by these four artists, between figuration and abstraction.

The opening of this exhibition is on 19-04-2014 from 16.00 till 18.00. Admission is free.
For more information, go to www.galeriesanaa.nl.