This happened IXD14

Talks and conversations on interaction design.

6 feb 2014

Special This happened edition surrounding the Interaction14 conference, meaning exquisite speakers from its international lineup.


THXD-stby - This happend IXD14 - service redesign NS by STBY and Edenspiekerman. STBY

This Happened IXD14 is an evening about the creative process – the journey from idea to final result, with a focus on the adventures that took place in between. Four carefully selected makers of interactive projects (artists, designers, architects, hackers, developers or other creators) will tell their story and discus their process with you, the audience.

Don’t expect final outcomes, but do expect revelations about the twists and turns in their ‘makings of’– featuring sketches, video documentation and live demos – and a lively conversation with other makers in the audience.

We are proud to present you the following line-up:

Luna Maurer - Studio Moniker - will talk about the ever-growing animation film [Add the link Your Line or Mine].

Christian Eckert & Andreas Wegner - icon incar - will talk about designing a next-generation automotive UX.

Pieter Jan Pieters- OWOW - will talk about The Social Project

Marie de Vos - STBY – will talk about dynamic boarding information above train platforms.