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NDSM is an old industrial area which is being transformed into a creative city zone. Once, big ships illustrated the landscape. After quite some commotion through the 1980's and 90's, including f.i. squatting and underground movements, the smaller creative initiatives became dominant. Nowadays, these original initiatives, as well as modern studios, cafes and event organizations are all part of the creative boost that NDSM Amsterdam is currently giving to the Dutch capital. MTV Europe, Red Bull Europe and Greenpeace are some of the bigger organizations at NDSM.

NDSM Treehouse offers a workspace for artists who want to be in Amsterdam for a month and like to develop and & show their work or inventions in this area. The NDSM Treehouse offers working facilities, ready to be used by individual artists or larger groups. This project runs one large guest studio and plenty of in- and outdoor possibilities to exhibit. We strive to provide a respectful, comfortable and inspiring environment, to free artists from the pressure and distraction of daily life. The treehouse is a natural, organic countermovement to modern citylife. It wants to point out that it is very important to embrace all living things, such as plants, animals in daily city/urban life. In order to grow stronger and eventually evolve, we need to invite different DNA, to learn from other people who might have a different point of view. This project is about connecting people, creating friendships and sharing new visions about modern society.

At NDSM werf, it’s about natural ingredients like wind and rain, rust and weed. They all play a role. Weed is growing from the concrete, the steel erodes by heavy weather. Natures influences seems to have more freedom to play, compared to the city center. At the same time the human attempts in taking control. A new hotel is being build and an old building is being involved. The balance in influence between the human and nature develops and is not yet determined.
Culture vs nature, young vs old, neatly vs rough, organic vs Genetically Modified (GM), bottem up vs top down, commercial vs social, experimental vs traditional, rules vs freedom, expensive vs cheap, professional vs amateuristic, ideal vs pragmatic, beauty vs ugliness, conservative vs liberal.
This melting pot houses several dynamics and contradictions. We invite those artists who'd like to react to this situation.

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