Irritation #13 - Guus Beumer

Guus Baumer shares his dilemma and engages in a dialogue

17 apr 2014

Guus Beumer has been the director of The New Institute for one year now. One of the legacies of the institute are its major exhibition spaces of the former NAi. What role do the exhibitions play in relation to the societal task of such an institute? According to Beumer, exhibitions are costly, time consuming and mostly geared towards an older audience. Are exhibitions becoming an outdated mode of presentation? Do they have a future?


Hotel Droog - Hotel Droog at Staalstraat Amsterdam


Guus Beumer is the director of Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam since the start on January the 1st of 2013. Beumer was appointed as director because of his rich experience and background in the field of the arts, design, architecture, fashion and entrepreneurship.

Join on Thursday, April 17th as Guus Beumer shares his dilemma and engages in a dialogue with you, the audience.