Jonathan Karpathios


Culy interview with Jonathan - Picture found on Culy's website.

Jonathan opened his restaurant late 2007; this coincided with the birth of his son. Becoming a father he started asking himself essential questions about life. The main question: How to leave this earth behind for the next generations and more important, what will be left for my children? How can I take responsibility in this matter? The answer proved to be a lot simpler than the implementation...

He no longer gained satisfaction from cooking with ingredients of which he didn’t know the origin. Jonathan decided to go directly to the source. A great way for him to understand his products, their lifecycle and benefits. Jonathan started working solely with local quality products and stayed far away from artificial additives. Thus began his quest of Real Food. Finding organic vegetables and herbs proved to be more difficult than expected. This led Jonathan to start growing his own crops. The process unexpectedly brought strong awareness and Jonathan himself became a part of this important cycle.

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