Ernst Haeckel, Adolf Giltsch
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Ophiothrix Ophiodea. / Schlangensterne.

Lithograph by Ernst Haeckel and Adolf Giltsch

Plate 10 from Kunstformen der Natur.
This is one of the 100 pop science biology illustrations that were published from 1899 – 1904 in Leipzig by Ernst Haeckel through Verlag des Bibliographischen Instituts.

Translation of the original German introduction by Ernst Haeckel:

Phylum of Echinoderma (Sterntiere); - class of Pentorchonia (Pygocincten); - subclass of Ophiodea (Schlangensterne); - order of Colophiura (Ophioctonien).
The five-jetted body of the Ophiodea, that are living crawling on the ocean floor, is supported by a richly structured lime skeleton. Five segmented arms emanate from the pentagonal central disc of the skeleton; they are in most cases very long, flexible and armed with prickles.

Translation by VR Translators Bangalore

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