Workshop: 3D printing with living organisms

Saturday November 1st, 10:00 to 15:00

Is it possible to 3D print with life? Together with designer Eric Klarenbeek you will investigate the possibilities for fungi, mycelium and other living substrates. Start your 3D experiment here, and be one of the first to explore printing with a negative carbon footprint.
You will use one of the latest 'Delta' type printers, called Rostock, which we built especially for this workshop. Enroll now and get your ticket here.


"Veiled Lady" - a 3D printed and growing piece by Eric Klarenbeek -

What is the workshop about?

We are exploring 3D printing with living mycelium, the threadlike network of fungi. And use this infinite natural source of organisms as living glue for binding organic waste. Once it’s full-grown and dried, it can be used as a structural, stable and renewable material. Combined with 3D printing it gives us tremendous design freedom and a scope into our future of production.

What will you use?

As preparation for this day Studio Eric Klarenbeek & Bas Molkenboer has set up a preliminary workshop on how to build a DIY 3D paste printer that is meant to be used with organic matter. Together with designer Erick Klarenbeek we will continue our experiment and 3D print structures out of organic substrates. A combination of pastes and mycelium. The structures will grow further after the workshop. By doing so you will get insights in both the development of DIY 3D printers, 3D modeling and paste printing.

Tickets and Info

Saturday 1 November
10:00 - 15:00, including 1 hour break.
VOC-kade 10, van Genthallen, Amsterdam

Tickets for the workshop are €120,- incl. VAT (BTW).
Freelancers, students and employees of cultural organizations qualify for a 30% discount. Use the discount code "3dlife" if this applies to you. The reduced price is €84,- incl. VAT (BTW). There is a maximum of 10 participants, so be sure to reserve on time.