Anna Pedersen


The tree hugging urinal

With public urination becoming an increasing problem, designer Sam van Veluw of AANDEBOOM has created a mobile solution for festivals and the likes.


P-Trees - Sam van Veluw, 2007 - You can see more details about the P-TREE and Sam van Veluws other designs at the website of Sam van Veluw and AANDEBOOM AANDEBOOM, Sam van Veluw

Although the nitrates and nutrients from urine can be used as fertilizer and are beneficial for many plants, unprocessed urine in the amounts produced by most outdoor-events can be harmful for the trees and plants taking most of the spillage. Also, the smell that derives from it is rarely desirable.
The P-TREE offers an aesthetically pleasing and easily removable solution for events, public gardens and festivals - a mobile urinal, that can be strapped to almost any tree. Consisting of rotation molded, recycled plastic with stainless steel and nylon straps, the P-TREE is easy to put up, easy to take down and easy to clean. The hoses from the urinals can be combined and connected to fit the specific needs of the occasion, or alternately led into plastic containers that you bury in the ground.

The mobile urinals have already been used at several different events and festivals including the Best Kept Secret Festival in 2014 and Roskilde Festival in Denmark in 2011. With more than 100.000 visitors, Roskilde Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in Europe. AANDEBOOM produced 100 P-TREES in the signature Roskilde Orange color for the event, and thus significantly decreased the festival’s problem with public urination.