Paul Lefevre-Venet


I am an artist and the Director of Theory of Clouds, an initiative supporting creatives engaged in collaborative projects in Asia, Europe and North America. Theory of Clouds is based in Kobe, Japan. Previously I taught Drawing and related subjects in the Depts. of Studio Art and Art History at the State University of New York. In addition I taught seminars on NPO Development for the MBA in the Arts Program at the Graduate School of Management at the State University of New York, Binghamton. Before moving to Kobe I spent seven years as a commercial fisherman and a finisher (sometimes builder) of wooden boats in coastal Maine.

theoryofclouds has developed a new mission. Through the relationship with CAP at Studio Y3 a small gruop of artists has recognized the need to document the extraordinary work of CAP and it's artists. We have begun the work of collecting records and photos of CAP's recent project called "Flipside". This artist exchange program was the initiative of German artist, Veronika Dobers and is a great example of the kind of things an individual working within a small network can acomplish.
We will be announcing other projects shortly.