Emma T. Gaskell


Bashful Bladder

When we enter a restroom that is occupied by others, many of us don't fret, we simply go about our business. Unfortunately, for some, this is not an option. In fact, even a restroom with just one other user is a mental obstruction for shy pee-ers.


Pee-Shyness - shybladdersyndrome.org

Recent studies have shown that 7% of the human population worldwide (or 220 million people) struggle with Paruresis. Paruresis is known to be a social anxiety disorder which inhibits people from urinating whilst in the presence of others (public restroom) or having to pee under pressure - say, at a doctor's office.

The International Paruresis Association offers helpful information including support groups, workshops and therapy in the hope of relieving some people of this social anxiety disorder. It can be a very embarrassing topic and people with the disorder need to know that there is a place to go for help.