Aquaponic Kitchen

When life hands you catfish...

The aquaponics team makes a minor mishap into a major feast


Hickory Smoked Aquaponic Catfish - Some of our smaller fish being prepared on the smoker Thijmen

A recent electrical failure caused one of our fish tanks to overheat, which led to the demise of several dozen of our smaller catfish.

Well, waste not want not! The aquaponics team leapt into action to prepare the little fish for an impromptu lunch. After cleaning all the fish, we decided to prepare some by oven roasting, and smoke the rest.

The roasted fish were rubbed down with oil, salt, lemon and herbs, wrapped in foil and cooked in the oven. We hauled out Mediamatic's small smoker and some fine hickory wood chips for the other half of the fish. It was intriguing how different the fish became in taste and texture between the two cooking styles.

Aquaponics team member Thijmen also whipped up some delicious sides; risotto with tomato sauce, and a balsamic potato salad.

There were far more fish than we could eat in one day, so the remainder were frozen, to be consumed this week with a side of minted couscous.