Irene Adler

How to Write Term Papers

As a rule, term paper is a significant part of student’s final grade.

However, many, perhaps most of them, have no idea about how to write an effective term paper since they have never received any formal instructions about how to do that.


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These small guidelines about how to compose a term paper will help you to write an “A” paper, so read on and follow them.

Getting started

You should do some planning to reach a better result. Check out these two tips about what to do before you start researching and writing. As a rule, most students ignore these obvious hints.

• Follow your professor’s instructions.

Your tutor will let you know what should be done to fulfill the assigned task. Don’t be afraid to ask questions in case if you have doubts or don’t understand the instructions.

• Never wait until the last moment.

A good paper requires careful preparation, critical thinking, researching, analyzing and writing. That means that your last-minutes efforts will look like last-minutes efforts. In case if you don’t want to present poor content – allow plenty of time to get your paper done.

Choosing a topic

Choose your topic really carefully. If your professor told you to choose a topic yourself, think carefully about your decision.

• Make sure that a topic fulfills the paper’s instructions.

• If possible, choose a topic of your own interest. The more interested you are in the subject, the more motivated you will be.

• Try to pick a topic that was already researched to make sure that there are enough resources and analytical tools.


A solid research is the basis of your term paper. Your writing will be stronger if you use a variety of the most expert, specific and up-to-date resources.

• Library

The place to start your research with is the library. The best thing about it is that the assistance is always available.

• Internet

There is a great amount of supplementary source material online, so get use of it! Consider websites with the following domains: .gov, .edu, .org. They usually contain non-commercial educational content


• Sentence structure.

Try to avoid complex and long sentences. Instead, use subject-verb-object, simple sentences, because they are the most powerful. The above mentioned scheme is acceptable both for the term papers writing and ordinary essays, for instance._

• Use active tense and action verbs.

• Make transitions between paragraphs.
Linking words (“However”, “Thus”, “As a result”, etc) smooth the reading and make your essay flow.

• Take care of spelling, punctuation and grammar.