Meet Zeger Reyers

Discuss your work, ideas and obstacles with the artist

19 mei 2016

A new breed of artists is on the rise. They work with living matter, nature and present work with a strong emphasis on biology and life sciences. In this emerging field of Bio-Art and Design there’s need for extensive collaboration, not only between the different disciplines involved, but also between generations. That is why we have invited renowned installation artist Zeger Reyers to become a Mediamatic Fellow. This means that he will be a regular face at the Mediamatic Biotoop, with scheduled consultations for you to attend. Exchange your ideas and sign up for a one-on-one meeting with Zeger Reyers.


18-09-2015 Hard Water door Zeger Reyers - De metershoge installatie van kunstenaar Zeger Reyers bestaat uit meer dan 1000 borden die bevestigd zijn aan de buitenmuur van Mediamatic ETEN. Verschillende grassen groeien tussen de kieren en zullen de installatie na verloop van tijd overgroeien. Omdat het werk zich zowel binnen als buiten bevindt, kan het zichzelf in stand houden met hulp van regenwater. Zeger Reyers heeft een sterke fascinatie voor de oncontroleerbare aard van de natuur en biologische processen als groeien, bloeien Zeger Reyers, Brigitte Hillenaar

For Whom?

Are you stuck with your project? Close to finishing your finals at art academy? Do you need advice on how to work with organic matter? Or are you interested to learn what obstacles you encounter while producing living installations? The conversations with Zeger are meant for anyone who has a special interest in art and biology. Don't be surprised to end up in a conversation about distilling and old kopper kettles, because Zeger is also a passionate fermentor of liqueurs.

Exchange your ideas

During the consults you will sit down with Zeger Reyers to discuss your work, ideas and challenges. You can expect an honest talk filled with advice and original ideas. The conversations will take place in the Aquaponics greenhouse at the Dijkspark Biotoop. A great green location for some thorough thought exchange.

Zeger Reyers

Zeger Reyers is a Dutch installation artist with a strong fascination for biological processes like eating, growing, and dying. Using all sorts of living materials, Zeger shows these typical processes in a-typical biotopes. He makes objects that are shaped by living materials, such as furniture and machines that are overgrown by mushrooms or mussels. He is also renowned for his rotating kitchen. Reyer's artworks provoke a new way of seeing natural processes, by juxtaposing the controllable human with uncontrollable nature.


Exchanging ideas with Zeger Reyers - Discussing artistic ideas with Zeger Reyers in the Mediamatic Biotoop greenhouse Brigitte Hillenaar

Sign up

The consultations will last for approximately one hour and will take place between 13:00 - 16:00.

You can sign up for the meetings with Zeger Reyers by sending your request to:

This program is made possible by: Mondriaan Fonds