Playstation meets Organism

Emulation in a Cultural Context

1 sep 2000
3 sep 2000

One could describe emulation as the simulation of aspects of the real world in the virtual computer environment.


Playstation meets Organism -

In the Printed Issue release of Mediamatic Magazine, which offers a good introduction to this seminar, a series of articles concentrate on the biological, musical, literary and "gasome" expressions of emulation.

In this seminar the meaning of emulation in different discourses - game design, artificial life, biology, culture - will be discussed, while exploring emulators and practical uses of emulation. The first day focuses on popular discourses in biology and art, and for the third day computer games and games design will be the central issue. Apart from the intellectual debate, participants will be able to revitalise themselves in real floating tanks and to experiment with computer games.