Biotalk: Eat-a-ble

Thursday April 21. Public Lecture 20:30 - 22:00

Psychological disorder, or genius diet? Geophagy is the practice of eating soil, while contatto is a new culinary culture that proposes a new approach to the materiality of food. Artist Masha Ru awoke curiosity by producing a series of edible ceramic cups and invites you to eat clay and share your thoughts. Alternatively, designer Giulia Soldati advocates preparation and consumption of food with a focus on the hand, extending taste to the realm of touch. And Fashion designer Vita Stasiukynaite talks about a collection inspired by unusual shaped fruits, roots and vegetables. This Biotalk, we invite you to open your hands and minds to challenge your relationship with eating!

Join us! Drinks and food from 18:00, talks at 20:30.
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Masha Ru - 'Intercourse with Clay' by Olga Ganzha

Coming up

April 23 - 24 - Rein Beer Fest
Join us as we celebrate 500 years of Reinheitsgebot, a law with a long history and much controversy. The two day program will cover tastings, masterclasses, presentations, expert meetings, a beer brunch and a wild herb hunting tour.

April 30 - Aquaponics Workshop
Do you want to learn how you can grow fish, fresh herbs and vegetables the whole year round? During the aquaponics workshop you can! Join us and learn all about biology and sustainable urban farming.
Tickets: €145,- or €102,- with student discount

May 6 - Meet Agi Haines
Meet the award-winning designer and discuss your own projects and design-obstacles.
Meetings are free. To sign up, please email

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