Mediamatic at Eurosonic Noorderslag

Interactive installations at the Oosterpoort

12 jan 2011
15 jan 2011

Mediamatic presents interactive installations at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2011, Europe's main conference and showcase festival for European music. Visitors can use their RFID wristbands or ikTag to connect the festival's reality to the virtual world.


FriendSlicer in het Boston paviljoen van de Amsterdam Biennale 2009 . - Photo taken at Museumn8 at the Amsterdam Biennale at Mediamatic Bank (07/11/09) The friendSlicer is one of the interactive installations you will find at ESNS 2010. Raphael Rehbach


With Eurosonic Noorderslag the Noorderslag Foundation wants to create a platform for the European music industry and promote the European repertoire. To achieve this, the foundation offers a platform for the presentation, exchange and promotion of music talent. Methods used are two festivals, a conference, a talent exchange program and presentation of seven music awards.

Mediamatic will present the following interactive installations at this years Eurosonic Noorderslag: ikCam, friendSlicer, Wow, iTea, ikPoll and backchannel. All installations are located in de Oosterpoort. You can find more information about the interactive installations on

ESNS is sold out. But if you're the lucky owner of a ticket, don't forget to visit and play with the interactive installations at the Oosterpoort. More information about the program here: