project: Chandra Brooks

Chandra's FabLab project

1st large vinyl cut

I drew an alphabet which integrates Carolingian Miniscule with 'Hollow Letter', made a font and attempted to do something with the vinyl cutter which looks terrible by the light of day.


h 01.jpg - ornament inspired by 6th century arabic calligraphy


Improve and replace the black text. What you have now will look awful in day
light, with bubbles and so on and it might come off.

1] enlarge the font and improve the kerning, I realise now what you ment by
two rows of text (beware of the limited dimension of the white panel)
2] strip off the letters, you have them already on paper
3] do not try to use one stroke of transfer paper.
Here is where something went wrong. By trying to manage the large sticky
paper, bubbles started to get underneath. It will be easier to use small
strokes perpendicular to the black stroke. Be sure it is without bubbles.
4] perhaps it is possible to make cuts into the carrying layer, in which
case you do not have to remove a very large sheet of material in one time.
5] I will ask somebody how they manage large film (water?, soap?)

hope this will bring your project to a result to be proud(er) of.

see you, André