project: Rick Rio





IMG_6106.JPG -

It's the stars and the arabic characters for Bismillah (eet smakelijk)

The colours, red and white, the general use. It fits in every household.

Could be anyone. Private use or commercial use like restaurants.

In the competition there is no placemat and i thought it would be very original.
And eating, having your meal, is also a very social thing, especially in the arabic countries.

It gives setting the table a special "uitstraling"

I put the design on white paper first and afterwards I will plastify it, so you can use it over and over again, because it is a placemat and it must be easy in use. So you can clean it easily with a doek afterwards.

Or the other idea is to use it in paper, only once, like napkins.

If my design will be chosen, I would need the product to be copied million times and optionally plastify it.