Eddie The Eagle Museum

Exhibition Space

The museum has a stage and a bar with bulletproof glass. Each month there is a new opening, event or performance. It will be a place where you can experience the art of art, of dancing, drinking and failing. A space where artists will work, recycle and discover, unpretentiously trying to change a world of trial and error.

Eddie The Eagle

Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards was an anti-hero, a man with unprecedented courage, an adventurer with an excessive nature. These qualities represent the fundamental ideas for a museum where people (big and small) have the space to just like Eddie take an uncontrolled leap into the (cultural) deep. Its a new place in Amsterdam with a slope for known and unknown talent, where art wont be judge on appearance. An ode to the unconventional, the stickler, a tribute to the one who dares to fail.

Contact informatie

  • Eddie The Eagle Museum
  • Tolhuisweg 2
  • Amsterdam
  • NL
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