ReMap the World

Winnaar Juryprijs KJO7

ReMap is a playful way to explore and appropriate the world brought to us by Satellite Maps.*


12_screen_world - ReMap, desktop screen ReMap

The ReMap game lets its players explore the world –both the physical world and its virtual (re)presentations– in a new way. The game challenges to ‘ReMap’ the earth as seen from satellites. By making a personal, aesthetic translation of the satellite view ReMap lets players experience the (urban) landscape in an interactive and fun way.

Together with other gamers a new world is built wich looks like the existing world, but at the same time completely different. Players challenge other players, battle for the nicest spots and compete for square pixels. Players will experience the world (the real and virtual) as they have have never done before. And what might be the most exiting aspect of the game: players and visitors can navigate on these self-made maps!

Till now we have a demo with a restricted number of iPhone App builds for alpha testers. Very soon we will launch our new desktop site (early December 2010). For a sneak preview behind the scenes: This updated desktop version needs to be accompanied by an updated version of the iPhone App (with new features already integrated in the webtop: rate, score, comment, et cetera). This updated version of the iPhone App we would like to make available in the Apple App Store. For the next steps we need funding. Our DOEN pitch is dedicated to find the budget for this next level of development.

The target audience are those who like to game, and MAKE and CREATE. ReMap is not a game one can passively play, but challenges its players to come up with creative, innovative and inspiring ways to look at and recreate visual material. Collecting materials, rebuilding a scene, taking pictures are part of the gameplay. The game rules and score are designed such that the most beautiful, most creative and original ReMaps will be rewarded. The ultimate value lies in becoming 'founder' of tiles, which means being awarded highest aesthetic praise for one's ReMapped imagery.

ReMap lets players explore the digital image of our world in a new way. All ReMaps combined will make up for a new representation of our daily maps.

The challenge of the game is to rebuilt satellite imagery of the earth including the typical features brought by the medium and the bird’s eye perspective: clouds, abrupt transitions between tiles, color differences, blurred out areas, et cetera. In ReMap players compete for the honor of recreating those tiles in the most inspiring and creative ways. ‘Visual bugs’ are special score opportunities in the game. This quest for another way of looking at maps, twists our perception in a fresh way.

ReMap players check-in on a Google Map tile, claim this tile and edit it in the ‘real world’. Players can earn 256x256 parcels of pixels, expressed in square pixels, this every player can do for himself. But gamers also rate one another’s ReMaps. In by doing so the best ReMap will come to the fore and all of them together create a new personalised map of our world.