Echokamer 16: Acoustic Experimentation

Monotak and Oubys

16 apr 2014

In collaboration with the SOTU Festival (Sounds of the Underground), Mediamatic invite exploratory composers to their unique industrialist music hall to experiment with sound in the 'echo-chamber'. Monotak, the Amsterdam based collective made up of contemporary composers and performers combine classical instrumentals with vinyl scratching and electronic synth. Their performance, written by Dirk Bruinsma and Eric de Clerq, will range from ambient soundscapes to outbursts of noise. Oubys, the electronic producer from Belgium will manipulate sound, merging complex rhythmical patterns of synth sequences, progressive pulsations and drum melees to create a nice sense of subterranean depth. Concert starts at 8pm, dinner at 7pm.


Mediamatic Echokamer - Erik Diekstra


The composition by Dirk Bruinsma combines a series of percussion instruments with the enchanting reverb of the organ pipes. These percussion instruments bring a tonal, bell like sound which resonates and echoes throughout the venue. The performers and instruments spread over the room to maximize the use of unique acoustics.

The performers for this occasion: Dirk Bruinsma, Eric de Clerq, Wilbert Bulsink, Tom Myrmel, Anat Spiegel and Bart de Vrees.


Oubys' 25 minutes long composition delicately infuses synth sequences with drum patterns and progressive pulsations to create an awe inspiring melee of sound. The reflections of sound will change and alter to interfere with each other, creating a complex rhythmical pattern to echo and reverberate throughout the space.

Oubys' draws influence from early kraut legends such as Faust, Can and ambient guru Brian Eno. His music has a nice sense of subterrenean depth and a pulsating progression.

More information

Echokamer #16 is a collaboration with SOTU Festival and will take place at Mediamatic, VOC-Kade 10, Amsterdam on Wednesday, April 16. Tickets are € 7 (membership included). A vegetarian meal is served for €5, before the concert, at 19:00. The event starts at 20:00.