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Biomimicry, edible mycelium, beer, aquaponics & fungi

Time to learn something new! Are you interested in developing
alternatives for animal based products? How to grow edible mycelium? Do you want to be inspired by nature's quirky sollutions? Or do you want to become the next bio-designer, urban farmer or brewer? Take a look at our calendar and sign up for on of our upcoming workshops.

All workshops take place in on our beautiful Biotoop.
30% discount for artists and students!


Picking herbs - Chef Rolf from * is picking his herbs in the Aquaponics system Anisa Xhomaqi

Inspired by Nature

Become nature's apprentice and let your designs be inspired by nature's solutions. In this two hour Biomimicry workshop PhD Candidate Laura Stevens will introduce you to some of the key concepts within the field of biomimicry and provide you with a short design assignment. 10 Feb.

Edible Mycelium

Learn all about tempeh! The symbiosis between fungus, legumes and the underlying microbiological process. Sasker Scheerder from Manenwolf's will teach you how to grow your own meat substitute with the help of black beans. You will get to experience first hand how you can grow edible bio-composits. 3 Feb./ 24 Feb. / 24 Mar. / 28 Apr. / 26 May / 7 Jul.

Urban Farming with Aquaponics

With the numbers of city-citizens constantly rising, there is a growing need for sustainable methods for food production in the city. During this workshop you will learn about the potential of Aquaponics; the cultivation of fish and plants in one closed system. 4 Feb. / 25 Mrt.

Microbiologically brewed to perfection

Jasper Swierstra is a brewer and medical microbiologist. Over the course of one day you will join him in the makings of your own first batch of beer. You will learn how to make a basic recipe, about different types of yeasts and the process of fermentation and go home with your own home-brewed beer. This workshop will take place in Mediamatic's Myco Brewery.
18 Feb.

Fungal Food and Materials

Grow your own bag of Oyster mushroom and learn more about bio-design with fungi. Mushroom expert Wouter Hassing from Mycophilia introduces you to different kinds of substrates and fungi after which you will join him in the Bio Clean Lab to inoculate your own bag of straw. 22 Feb./ 25 Mrt.
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