(ir)Relevant Matter

Biotalk: Wednesday Feb. 15 20:00

Despite their distinct paths designers Caroline Jacob, Karolina Ferenc and Margherita Soldati want to inspire a shift in our understanding of matter that may be deemed irrelevant. By turning ashes into soap, Jacob creates an object to be used. In Ferenc's work, the lichen becomes a friend or a lover rather than a commodity. Whilst Soldati explores the nature of crystals reflecting on the potential of the material. Join us for the upcoming edition of Biotalk, where we invite young makers who work on the frontiers of the arts and biology.

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Lichen in Love close up - Lichen in Love, project and image by Karolina Ferenc

(ir)Relevant Matter

While Jacob presents a more functional approach to her work in wASH, Ferenc's conceptive scenario 'Lichens in Love' is purposefully non-utilitarian. Perhaps, Soldati's 'Growing Surface' is somewhere in the middle. She urges us to reflect on our inevitable relationship with and dependency on nature.


Caroline Jacob - wASH
Caroline Jacob uses ash, the byproduct of Mediamatic ETEN's waste circulation, in order to develop a new detergent. wASH seeks to reconceive an old habit with the aim of sharing a new understanding of local value making in the field of waste material.

Karolina Ferenc - Lichen Love
Lichen in Love is a project by Karolina Ferenc about the relationship between the human (represented by the author) and the non-human (represented by the lichen). The project is a speculative scenario where lichen aren't approached as an object or commodity, but as a friend and a subject of fascination. Video about her project: Lichenized Machines: Protective Glass

Margheria Soldati - Growing Surface
In Growing Surface Margherita Soldati explores the potential of crystal as a creative and functional material. She grounds herself in the belief that we, as humans, are inextricably connected to nature. Growing Surface both embraces the intelligence of nature and our dependency on it.


Even dust will become a mountain - This project starts through an interest on residue and ways of collecting it. Dryer lint is a jilted substance directly stored in a compartment of a tumble dryer. Caroline Jacob

Biotalk: (ir)Relevant Matter
Wednesday 15 February
Program starts at 20:00
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam
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Students pay only €5,00

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