Adjusting the New Tower

Aquaponics Meeting # 20

31 jul 2012

This past meeting the Aquaponics Group started at the Fabriek to test the water in the systems. We then traveled to Vijzelstraat to the Mediamatic Bank where we checked on the new tower, built at our Saturday workshop, and tweaked a few parts of it.


Washing the Pebbles for the New Tower - Taken from our our workshop on Saturday, participants wash the pebbles outside of the Mediamatic Bank.

Tuesday night the Aquaponics Group will be meeting not at our normal location but in the Mediamatic Bank on Vijzelstraat. We have a lot of work that needs to be done on the tower, including moving the growbeds and adjusting the syphons. Anyone who is free is encouraged to come help with the process!

RSVP above for a delicious dinner and a fun night farming!