project: Anna

NDSM Endless Possibilities App

Verzamelplaats voor oneindige mogelijkheden

We are a research group, consisting of six American exchange students and varying numbers of creative minds who work at the NDSM Wharf. The NDSM Wharf is an area of endless possibilities and endless opportunities, located very (ferry) close to the city centre of Amsterdam. Amsterdammers know about the area, but it is not clear what exactly is done/can be done there. NDSMers sometimes do not even know what can be done, or, more importantly what has been done already.

The NDSM Wharf is also a beautiful and exiting place, and the history of shipbuilding in Amsterdam is impressive.

The big idea; to collect all information about the NDSM Wharf in one place.

Our target group consists of creatives/potential creatives/geeks/Amsterdammers/NDSMers.

Specifics of the idea;
- to create an app in which everyone can see which spaces are available at the NDSM Wharf, what you can use them for and what has been done there already. Possibility to book the space.
- to add projects/ideas/pitches to a website/app that could be done at NDSM Wharf; live stratego/GPS treasure hunt/theater/art.
- to add projects that have been done already to a website/app, so that other people can learn from these experiences.
- to add pictures/movies, including GPS coordinates to the app.

Through new media we could collect data everywhere, on the street, in artist workshops, through GPS tracking, online, and, more importantly, from unexpected sources.

New media is important because everyone should be able to join. We want the old ideas and the new ideas, the history of the shipyard and the future of the shipyard. We want democracy! (include sarcasm here)

New media makes new types of cooperation between the inhabitants of NDSM possible. Employees of the commercial companies at NDSM could submit ideas, artists, skaters, visitors could submit ideas, the city council could submit ideas, the old employees of the shipyard could submit ideas. They could also all submit pictures, articles history and so on.