Lay-out Codes

Here you'll find tips on how to pimp your page.

Adding video's, hyperlinks, using different font-sizes and styles, adding line.

Bold and italic

//italic// becomes: italic.

**bold** becomes: bold.

**//bold italic//** becomes: bold italic.


[ Click here]
Becomes: Click here.

[ Mail Mediamatic]
Becomes Mail Mediamatic, and is not readable for spam robots.
Becomes, and is not readable for spam robots.

Headings and subheadings

Make them using the + symbol before the words. One + gives a large heading; three +++ gives a subheading. Don’t forget to put a space after the +.

+ Heading, big becomes:

Heading, big

+++ Subheading, small becomes:

Subheading, small

Adding Videos

You can add YouTube or Vimeo videos in your page. How?

  • Click Add an image. Now choose More options.


Click on 'More options' - Emina Sendijarevic

  • Add the link of the youtube or vimeo video at 'Paste the link of the image'. Click ok.


Add the link of the YouTube/ Vimeo- video - Emina Sendijarevic

  • Give your video a nice title and caption. You're done.


Now fill in a nice title and a description of your video - Emina Sendijarevic

This is what the video will look like eventually:


---- four stripes become a silver line over the full width of the page.

The code _ (one space and one underscore in between paragraphs) creates a white line.

Why would I use _? Extra white lines are removed to respect the graphical image. With the code _ you can separate paragraphs longer than usual.

Lists and numbering

You can make lists or numberings using the * and # symbols.

For example,
# Japan
# Bulgary
# Israël

Becomes a list with automatic numbering:
1. Japan
2. Bulgary
3. Israël

Blockquotes and quotes

> aber irgendwer muss diesen job ja machen und deshalb kann es.


aber irgendwer muss diesen job ja machen und deshalb kann ich es.