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McMullan (aka Emcee C.M. Master Of None) focuses his work on people –their work, their lives, their struggle– by employing spontaneity, teamwork, play, adventure, volunteerism, learning, and discovery.

Now located in New York, McMullan has presented projects in Germany, Spain, South Korea, and Serbia.

He has done collaborative projects in public spaces in New Haven and New York, and had shows on 2008 at the Bronx Museum and Artists Space in New York.

Text extracted from University of Connecticut.

Artist statement
I am committed to working in public spaces through direct interaction and co-creation with the public. More and more, I am developing projects as community ventures, trying to balance the mysterious joy of unbounded artistic freedom with the real needs and interests of the average Joe and Jane. My work involves the combination of many genres into a comprehensive gesamtkunstwerk: found object sculpture, printmaking and book arts, 16mm film, performance, music and poetry. An individual project might take the form of a one-time event, a weekly series, or a semi-permanent intervention.

Text extracted from Artist File Online.

See more of him at Artist File Online.

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