Institute for Applied Aesthetics

School for research and collaborative artistic projects

The Institute for Applied Aesthetics is a school for collaborative projects and research in Brooklyn, New York. We make research publications and projects about learning.


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Our focus is on re-imagining education and the idea of "school" to encompass experience and creative practice.

We make research publications and projects about learning. We have a physical space in Bushwick that serves as a community laboratory and research station for the everyday. We provide a community for artists, educators and people to share ideas and experiment with different ways to explore learning as a tool for engagement through art, design and interdisciplinary practice.

January 2010.

The Institute is directed by Christopher Kennedy and a team of amazing faculty members. Please contact us with any inquiries or questions.

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  • Institute for Applied Aesthetics
  • 1027 Grand Street. 4th Floor
  • Brooklyn, New York
  • US
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