Ana Orange

today new york tomorrow any place in the world


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art, film, nature, healing, creativity, experimentation. i see beauty in non regular places. Not formulas. Build connections, exploring this space. Interested in emotional psychology.
Travel addict. Inspired by dadaism, surrealism, radio art, magnetism. Speak spanish and russian! Lived in different countries. I have food ethic. Like old people, collect memories, walk, feel anonymous. Need mountains, and open fields. Write numerous journals. Enjoy mechanical cars and operative systems. Music is part of my survival kid. I prefer chaos over perfection. Some how romantic in nature or with a tv set. I appreciate contact with strangers, don't feel closing the interaction. Openness and compassion are a gift. I do arts as a way of meditation. I work in a as a way to keep learning: media and digital experiences interests me... but does not rule my world. Making projects to connect and establish relationships with people and cultures from around the world. life is short.

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