Daedelus, Daddy Kev, Djs Cinnaman & Juha

SPSound, presented in association with Viral Radio

1 jan 2008
31 dec 2008

A new SPSound night on Tuesday October 21, with Daedelus (Ninja Tune, Warp, Plug Research), Daddy Kev (Low end Theory, Alpha pup) and Djs Cinnaman & Juha.


Daedelus, image taken from dublab -

The L.A.-based IDM artist / electro pioneer whom you may know from collaborations with MF Doom and Prefuse 73, is known for pioneering new sounds and a musical instrument - the Monome Box. Daedelus’ first full length on Ninja Tune, ‘Love to make Music by’ sounds alternatively like boogie-hop, new jack swing, and the soundtrack to Tom and Jerry without ever neglecting his pop-tech focus. He’s worked extensively with Taz from Sa-Ra, the pair of them opening for the likes of DJ Assault, Justice and Two Live Crew as well as appearing in Erykah Badu’s most recent video. For more info, look at Daedelus' MySpace.

Daddy Kev is a seasoned music producer and engineer with studio credits that read like a who’s who of underground hip hop; Flying lotus and Mix Master Mike to name two. Daddy Kev’s work has been released on the Warp, Celestial and Anticon labels amongst many others. For more info, look at Daddykev's MySpace.

Tuesday 21 October, 21.00 hrs
Location: Auditorium - Level 1 at Smart Project Space
Entrance: 7 Euro
Visit the Smart Project Space website