Augmented Reality Ecosystem

4 dec 2009

Invitation only event - An afternoon on Augmented Reality in which we will bring together, experience and discuss the emerging ecosystem around Augmented Reality in the Netherlands and beyond.


ecosystem.jpeg - e-flyer Joris van Ballegooijen

This Augmented Reality expert meeting brings together the (emerging) ecosystem around Augmented Reality in the Netherlands and beyond in the following sectors:

- public/governmental
- technology
- commercial
- education
- culture & heritage
- artists

The participants will experience a small number of AR applications but the goal of the program is to have personal interactions and start a dialogue around how this "new" medium - which is expected to have mass impact on society in the near future - might develop and how useful collaborations between the sectors can evolve.

More information on the program and guests will be announced on this website in the coming weeks. Layar, Second Life Europe, Marcel Wanders Studio and Wikitude have confirmed so far.

This is a private event, if you are interested to join please contact us at

Augmented Reality Ecosystem is part of the MultimediaN research program.

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