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Klat #1 - Sabine Delafon

KLAT is a magazine made up solely of interviews: long ones, in-depth and the best. A date every three months with key players from the worlds of contemporary art, design and architecture.

KLAT offers a rich selection of questions and answers, thoughts and enthusiasms, images and words: to be enjoyed and collected. It is a publication that links up human experiences, professional challenges, ideas, curious facts and secrets. It is an up-to-date archive of conversations, stories and visions, a periodical diary written by those who are in the vanguard of contemporary visual culture, on the front line of design, at the cutting edge of aesthetics.

KLAT has chosen to focus on contemporary art, design and architecture because they are fields which have the energy to take a new look at the world, to redefine it and reshape it. An approach that also finds expression in the name (KLAT is TALK backwards), reflecting its desire to construct a new alphabet, a new game, a new way of talking.

KLAT is a bilingual magazine (Italian/English) with an international distribution.

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  • Klat
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  • 20122
  • Milano
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