Mieke Vullings

Hi! I am a young architect, passionate traveler and always seeking for a new experience. My frustration in never finding the right address of Modern Architecture on the night before a trip, made the perfect motive to start a ‘dot-eu-company’. In 2007 I started up MIMOA with Naomi, who is also an architect.

MIMOA (MI (my) MOdern Architecture) is an interactive website on modern architecture in Europe. The website offers complete information on how to find and visit popular Modern Architecture in real life, like whether or not the building is public, opening hours, and how to get there. An interactive city map and published addresses of buildings, parks, bridges and public interiors allows architecture-lovers to actually find and visit their favorite projects at site. With MIMOA modern architecture in Europe will be easy to experience, visit and compare.

It's user-generated: anyone can upload projects, define personal favourites and post comments on projects. So share your own favourite projects and opinion on modern architecture with MIMOA and the rest of the world!

Be part of it and enjoy!


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