Greo Belgers

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Greo Belgers (strategy @ Dawn) is a creative thinker; he is keen to venture into terra incognita and blaze new trails. He has an enquiring mind and is enthusiastic and driven.

Greo Belgers is partner of the Amsterdam based agency Dawn. With Dawn he tries to take conceptual thinking a big step further into creative intelligence.

He uses his broad perspective on the world to search for change and innovation, especially with digital techniques. He is extremely inspired and passionate in his work. As a result, his work is creative, cutting-edge and award-winning.

Prior to his career with communications he came up with innovative ideas during the pioneering days of the internet. He was involved in the launch of i-mode in the Netherlands and its wap-application for Hallmark Inc.

He was originally a maker of film and television programmes. He gave the Netherlands twelve years of evening television – pulp and brilliant programmes alike -- as he frequently pushed the envelope in station identities and television formats. He still draws considerable inspiration from those days. He has won a number of Golden Globe Awards for documentaries at the International New York Film Festival and was production co-ordinator of the Oscar- and Emmy winning documentary Anne Frank Remembered for the BBC in the UK and the Disney Channel in the USA.

His interest in the psychological effect of the media took him to Germany as a student, where he was involved in establishing the New Media in Mass Communications course at the University of Berlin. Nevertheless, he completed his studies in the Netherlands in the Art, Media & Technology faculty at the Utrecht School of the Arts. That was his second course of study on the back of what started as a course in chemistry.

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