Create artworks in 'Augmented Reality' on an iPhone

26 apr 2011
28 apr 2011

This Year Y.2 will be an non stop 48 hour event with lectures,
presentations and a workshop. We'll deal with digital reality and call it: 'ReallY'.


Aankondiging Y2 -


A visual piece in LAYAR, and an audio piece in RJDJ. Your hosts are Marjolijn Ruyg and Peter Mertens. Harold Schellinx and Sander Veenhof will lead the workshops. Lectures will be both live and on video. Names to be announced later on.


The parents of Yariv Alter Fin give a donation to the Rietveld every year, so they can organize events where new and inspiring projects are made, in the spirit of their son. This workshop in by invitation only. For questions, or if you want to apply, please mail the the organizers.