Outdoor Lighting

Party lights, pink and white and Dijkspark towers

The lights outside are all connected to the party light string going from bamboo-pole to bamboo-pole and are connected to one switch.

This is not the case for the Dijkspark light towers. These are connected to a time controlled switch in the BioLab, when you enter the Biolab directly left under the counter.
The towers on the east side are at the moment not connected and there is not connected.
Next to this there are two towers close to Hannekes Boom that are managed by Hannekes boom.


Mediamatic Terras - Eating and drinking in the heart of Amsterdam Anisa Xhomaqi

Lamps used for the string light

  • Prikkabel, this is a rectangular shaped cable that uses vampire like clip connectors to plugin or split.
  • Mixed white 1W LED lamps
    There are spares behind the mirror wall 1st floor.
  • Growlights
  • connectors, round black plastic parts that connect two cables or to split from to another cable (to a lamp onto of a pole for instance)
  • A wireless switch located on the far right side of the bar (when behind it) under the counter.
    Plugged in to group number 1.12

Lamps used for the Dijkspark towers

  • Here we used 18W 827 (warm white) tube lights, two in each tower. There are spares in the mirror wall on the first floor

Where we bought it

The grow lights are ordered mostly from OHMAX (factory in china) and a few factory samples from china. 
The LED construction lamps come from bol.com
Alle the string lighting is from PrikkabelLED.nl.
Tube lights can be bought at Lampdirect.nl