Watering our plants

In the added PDF file you can see where all the waterpoints are located.


Where to get water

We made sure that around the we have water tap points all around the building.

There are two types of water connections:

  1. Standard Gardena connection point that are for connecting a typical 13mm waterhose with a Gardena connector (for instance when using the pressure cleaner).  
  2. The Geka klauwkoppeling (claw clutch) is there for connecting the 1" hose.

water connection map -

Automated irrigation

Hard Water by Zeger Reyers:
Here the 'Gardena MultiControl duo' is used to irrigate the installation part outside (8:00) separately from the inside (8:30) part. This is desirable since there is a difference in climate. The irrigation frequency and time can also be set.

The Plants on the Bee roof:
Here a more simple irrigation computer is installed but it basically does the same. Giving water at a curtain time (6:00) for a given amount of minutes (0:06)


Moment of irrigation:

For the automated irrigation:
The time of irrigation is set before bar/kitchen opening hours so there is no pressure loss for the kitchen and at the same time the installation can benefit from maximum pressure on the pipes.

For manual irrigation of plants:
Best before of after sunset, this way the water won't evaporate too much.



The 'Zweetslangen' and tyleen-tube:

The yellow irrigation hose and Geka connections:

The red hose real wagons:

Some other parts: