Wireless Light Switches


What we use

We use the Klik Aan Klik Uit system this is a wireless home automating system that is based on a one way communication (433,92 MHz).

We use a lot of build-in receivers and some wireless wall switches (transmitters)
We also have Plug and play socket unites with remotes.


Wireless automation brand logo -

Where they are installed

  • In the tube lights in the bio-art supply shop (group 1.9)
  • The grow lights in the bio-art supply shop (the receiver is in a box that is painted black and sticks to the ceiling in between the grow lights. (group 1.9)
  • The Ikea paper lamps in the office (group 1.6 + 1.7)
  • The string lights + decor pink light outside + spots lighting the barn and the wall on the west side (group 1.12)
  • The grow lights in the plant room (Unit 2)
  • The spot lights for Het Parfum exhibition


  • They can be found in the red box with 'Klikaan/Klikuit'

How the system works

You have receiver and transmitter units.

  • A transmitter sends a signal when you press a button on a transmitter.
  • A receiver knows which transmitter(s) to listen to because they have been paired*. A receiver does not confirm wether a signal is received or not.

*Pairing receivers with transmitter is done by pressing a button on the receiver for several seconds, after which it will go in pairing mode. If you now press a button on a transmitter it will be paired with this receiver, it will confirm this by switching on and off a couple of times.

To turn on and off the lights in the plant room you must select which lights you want to turn off/on. By pressing the "unit" button you are selecting which light group to turn off or on. 

-Unit 1 is the spot lights for Het Parfum exhibition

-Unit 2 is the pink grow lights 

-Unit 3-8 is all the different fluorescent lights in the plant room

The remote is located in the DJ booth and is attached to a string so it doesn't get lost. 

Smart remote

We have one advanced remote that can be programmed to switch multiple receivers. It can even be programmed to switch them following a timed schedule.

It is programmed to switch the grow lights for the plants (from 8:00 - 21:00) and to switch the office and the bar (pink and string) lights, the last two function more as a backup if people forget.

You can do download the manuals on the bottom of this page