Re-orient: a Literary Journey

With writers Perihan Magden (Turkey), Daša Drndić (Croatia) and Nenad Veličković (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

6 jun 2010
6 jun 2010

As a part of the festival Southeast Europe: a Cultural Journey this literary event will host three distinguished and internationally renown writers from the region of Southeast Europe: Perihan Magden from Turkey, Daša Drndić from Croatia and Nenad Veličković from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event will be moderated by Taja Vovk van Gaal (museum consultant) and will take place in Brakke Grond, on the 6th June, from 14h to 16 hrs. 

A public reading of some of their latest works, Magden’s Who Do We Run Away From, Mummy?, Drndić’s Sonnenschein and Veličković’s Sahib will be facilitated by a Dutch actor Pepijn Kladder. In the second part of the afternoon we will discuss how the political environment and personal experiences affected the authors’ work, thus touching on the vital question of the relationship between art and politics. What are the challenges for a writer in divided societies? Is this any different in the West than it is in Southeast Europe? Last but not least, some of the problems that are punctuated by writers seem to open a path towards re-orienting our view on Europe. Afterwards, all guests will be invited for drinks and food in front of Brakke Grond, where chef cook Nikola Milovanovic will prepare some proper Balkan food.

 The discussion will be held in English.

6th June, 14.00 | Entrance: free | More programme information on the complete festival can be found on:

This event is organised by Balkan Buro and European Commission


Dasa Drndic - irmin van der meijden