Rosa Kieft


Mediamatic tours for groups

Mediamatic offers exclusive tours for groups. Visitors can book a tour if they would like to know more about Mediamatic and get an insight in the program-lines, projects and a view behind the scenes (Aquaponics, Cleanlab). Here you can find how to book a tour, prices and FAQ's.


Showing our grains and mycelium - Rosanna is explaining the visitors the process of growing mycelium on spent grains at the Myco Brewery. Anisa Xhomaqi

Met: Rosanna


A tour needs to be booked in advance and should be scheduled in Stager, as well as put it in the calendar of the person who give the tour, which is Maaike or Emma.

Please describe the group, the company name etc. Also fill in the contact details! Payment always happens at the bar, it is not possible to send an invoice.

Tour Types and prices

General Tour

Duration: half an hour 
Full Price: €100 (maximum 20 persons)
Discount Price: €75
Discount is offered to Schools, Art Academies, University's, Foundations

Aquaponics Tour

Duration: 15 minutes
Price: €5,- per person
The tour should always be given by an Aquaponics team member


Rederij Lampedusa in the haven of Mediamatic - Rederij Lampedusa is an art project of Teun Castelein.


Wat is het doel van Mediamatic?
Hoe bestaan jullie? Wat is het bedrijfsmodel?
Wat heeft dit nog met kunst te maken?
Verdient het restaurant genoeg om de rest van de stichting te financieren?
Door welke fondsen worden jullie gesteund?
Werken jullie samen met scholen en universiteiten?
Hoe lang mogen jullie op deze plek blijven?
Zijn de groente uit de Aquaponics genoeg om het restaurant te voorzien?