Caroline Jacob

wASH Laundry detergent

Caroline Jacob tackles common preconceptions of food, waste and hygiene in her latest work wASH. Using waste materials left over from Mediamatic’s food production, she creates a site-specific laundry detergent through heirloom recipes for soaps.


wASH bottles - wASH - Laundry detergent, ash, bokashi juice and fresh herbs Caroline Jacob


wASH is an entirely natural and environmentally safe washing detergent produced at Mediamatic in 1L units, sourced from one day’s ash output. Caroline Jacob revisits this byproduct of Mediamatic ETEN through heirloom recipes and generates an organic laundry detergent that uses only ingredients found on-site. The soft unscented soap is enhanced with harvested lemon verbena known for its antiseptic qualities as well as bokashi juice, a by-product from ETEN’s organic waste, rich in the role of a softener. Monday Washday Laundrette is an opportunity to gather, try out wASH, as well as tell the stories emerging its creation. As a homage to the heirloom custom and the recipe embodied in the laundry detergent, visitors will be invited to wash their laundry in the space. The laundrette will open its doors every Monday and will be available for free use all day long.

Buy your own 

The product is of course more than just a display item: it can also be used during your weekly laundry. Customers can buy a 1L bottle at the Mediamatic ETEN bar for 5,-. Find our adress here.
Unfortunately we are not able to ship the bottles. 

How to wASH?

Do you want to learn more about creating your own detergent? Join our wASH workshops and buy your ticket here