Openlab 154

An evening with presentations by DasArts Block 29 'Who is I?' participants

21 nov 2008
21 nov 2008
  • Das Arts
  • Mauritskade 56, 1092 AD Amsterdam

On Friday 21 November at 20.00 hrs, an Open lab will take place at DasArts, Mauritskade 56, Amsterdam. During this Open Lab the participants will show their performative answers to the material that was offered during the 10 week Block, entitled: 'Who is I?'.


Who is I? Open Lab 154 at DasArts . -

Being condemned is freedom. I love you. That’s hard to say. But my heart can tell you. So, who am I? When walking, doing the dishes, searching the market for ingredients, jumping off the cliff in Cinque Terre in Italy, I am with you and my heart flows. And I don’t know you. I condemn you to me, because I am condemned to you. In Block 29, anyhow. Why condemned, you may think. Why that word.... Because that’s not what you want to hear right now. Surrounding is. You behold something gentle. The word has action. Both words were created but also polluted. So, again: Condemned. I grant you the transformation of this word, as I want to condemn you and make you experience how liberty thus will surround you. For the rest is illusion. And that is fundamentally different from a dream. The dream is the condemnation you don’t want to stay in.

You are welcome to see the works-in-progress of:
Elina Cerpa (LV); Gertjan van Gennip (NL); Petter Alexander Goldstine (N/USA); Steven de Jong (NL); Miguel Angel Melgares (E); Snejanka Mihaylova (BG); Nir Nadler (IL); Christian Thompson (AUS); Nadia Tsulukidze (GE)

To attend, send an email to: and visit the DasArts website.