Play Party

Art Olfaction Amsterdam

13 aug 2018

It’s time to celebrate the end of our scent-infused summer with a bang! Spritz on your favourite perfume, put on those dancing shoes, and join us for a festive evening and closing party of Art Olfaction Amsterdam.  

Play Party is a game-filled evening. Go nose-to-nose with friends and perfect strangers to show off your new-found olfactory knowledge in Kendra’s Smelly Game Show. Take part in a variety of stage games, answer trivia questions and become the Grand Prize Winner. Winner or loser, we all end the night smiling on the dancefloor thanks to the scentual tunes by DJs Da Iguana and Okamax, with a live track designed to keep you fresh all night long.

Early Bird Extra! Come at 6pm to test Het Parfum and get free entrance + pizza in return.

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Battle of the noses - Katia Yatsenko


6 pm. Test run: Het Parfum

Come early to test Het Parfum. Play the Future! and get a free pizza in return to prepare for a long evening! Help us develop our first interactive smelling game by spending 30 minutes of your time to play it, have some fun and give us your feedback!

In exchange you get a delicious vegan pizza and free entrance to Kendra’s Smelly Game Show starting at 8 pm. The number of participants is limited, so RSVP to secure your spot, pizza and Game Show entrance! RSVP here or e-mail to


Smell Transplant Workshop - Participants trying other people's scent Anisa Xhomaqi

8 pm. Kendra’s Smelly Game Show

The nose (and you) knows more than you think! Be amazed by your knowledge and compete in Kendra’s Smelly Game Show. Ever watched a spectacular game show and thought: 'Hey, I could do this much better'? Well, now’s your chance. Step into this live studio experience and prove the power of your sniffer-whiffer!

A variety of stage games like Name that Fume, Message in a Bottle and Animal Instincts test your innate ability to differentiate and memorise smells, determine fact from fiction, and guess which scents come from wild animals.

Prepare for broken noses as you battle against new friends or future colleagues, or enjoy the sweet smell of success by becoming the Grand Prize Winner! All smellers are welcome, regardless of experience. Players will be grouped, so bring friends or meet new ones.

Tickets (Free to all Test Run attendees)


Kendra Gaeta als Gameshow host - Als knallend einde van onze vierweekse geur-verkenning presenteerde Kendra Gaeta van Institute for Art and Olfaction een spectaculaire Olfactorische Game Show in onze loods. Van  Name that Fume tot  Message in a Bottle and Animal Instincts  werd er veel geraden, geroken en uiteindelijk de grote prijs gewonnen. Saskia Wilson-Brown

10 pm. After Party!

Stick around after the Game Show and celebrate the end of a wonderful summer at our After Party. Grab that last chance to take part in the festival of pheromones, and become part of a sweaty body bouquet while dancing to the scentual tunes played by DJs Da Iguana and Okamax. Smell tracks provided by Chiara Antoniacomi, Julianne Lee, and the Institute for Art and Olfaction team.

IAO and Art Olfaction Amsterdam

Play Party is part of Art Olfaction Amsterdam, a collaboration between Mediamatic and The Institute for Art and Olfaction, based in Los Angeles. One of the IAO goals is to provide an accessible and affordable education in their laboratory for the people who have traditionally not had access. They also support the art and perfume communities by advancing experimental practices through ongoing creative residency programs, community-minded events (Experimental Scent Summit, A.I.X. Scent Fair), and through the Art and Olfaction Awards.


Photo: Anisa Xhomaqi - Anisa Xhomaqi


Play Party
Monday 13 August
18.00 Test Run 'Het Parfum' (RSVP here or e-mail to
20.00 Game Show
Tickets: Regular: €7,5 | Students / Artists: €5 | Door Regular: €10 |
Door Students/Artists: €7,5 (free entrance for attendees of the Test Run)
22.00 After Party
Mediamatic Biotoop, Dijksgracht 6, Amsterdam


Onze sponsors voor Art Olfaction Amsterdam - Zomer 2018 Sponsors:  Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst Stimulerings Fonds Creatieve Industrie Dublab Pochpac IFF Partners:  Red Light Radio Universiteit Amsterdam